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Our Chesapeake Bay Retrieverhad flakey skin

and a dry coat. We consulted with Dana and

she recommended a new food regimen. We followed her advice, changed his

diet and his skin & coat improved dramatically.

He looks great now!   S.O.

''My pet "Toby" was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). I tried many different diets but none of them worked. His health was failing, his weight dropped and he needed iv fluids. The prognosis was grim. I consulted with Dana and she created a diet for him. It worked! Now he is healthy and thriving! His vet could hardly believe it. I highly recommend her service to anyone whose pet is not thriving.   Alia


Initial Consultation Includes

  "Meet & Greet" owner and pet in pet's home environment

  Discuss goals

  Review the pet's medical history

  Evaluate current health conditions

  Ascertain pet owner's feeding preferences (kibble, canned...)

  Research the pet's breed history

  Investigate appropriate nutrition sources

  Formulate a nutritional program

  Consult with owner and review nutritional recommendations

  30 Day follow-up phone call to review progress

Canine Nutrition Wellness Consultation Services


Included in Initial Consultation

$50 / 30 Minutes

$175 per hour


Initial Consultation

30 Day Follow-Up Call (30 minutes)

Subsequent Phone Consultations - 30 Minutes

Supplemental Research - Hourly

Services and Price List

Canine Nutrition Wellness

Nutritional program recommendations are not a substitute for veterinary care.

Clients are encouraged to maintain routine veterinary visits for their pet and to

immediately advise Canine Nutrition Wellness of any changes to their pet's health.