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Nutritional Requirements

What to Expect

5 weeks

4 months

16 months



It's important to stay on top of your pet's health with regular visits to the vet.



If you haven't been to a vet in a while, relax. Start with a complete checkup.

Wellness plan


We  put together a nutrition plan that brings out the best in your pet.

Feeding a diet containing food sources unsuitable for a pet's specific system will cause it to develop nutritional allergies which can manifest as rashes, pigmentation changes, or hair loss.

Pet owners who feed their companion pets in a specific way can save a lot of money. Many dogs are taken to the vet as a result of nutrition-related problems, and the vet bills can be huge. Dry/itchy/flaky skin, hot spots, yeast infections in the ear, thyroid, liver, kidney problems—just to name a few—can cost the average dog owner hundreds of dollars every year.



Life cycle changes change the nutritional requirements in your pet.

Nutritional information provided is not meant to take the place of medical advice or expert veterinary care.

1.5 Years

Canine Nutrition Wellness